Dec 27, 2005

Noche Buena

The boon of having a Christmas eve birthday is that you'd never be wanting for party food. (Laging may handa. Hehehe.) The bane, however, is that when it's time for Noche Buena, you end up feeling full and satiated already, coming up with a menu is a challenge. [My mom's had that menu issue for 30 years or so. ;) ]

Anyhow, faced with the same predicament (we had stuffed ourselves full during lunch at Kamay Kainan), we skipped dinner and had Noche Simple instead. :) We had fiesta ham, a loaf of Malt Oat Paton and a cup each of Tsokolate-e. :) Feeling a little guilty about the 'spartan' surroundings, I lit two votive candles to inject some festive touch. :) Posted by Picasa