Dec 29, 2005

Kamay Kainan

I woke up lazy on my birthday and decided I wouldn't cook. (If I had my way I'd spend the day having a complete body massage.) Mike decided we'd have a lunch blowout at Kamay Kainan instead.

The resto is in the food court of Market! Market! in Global City, Taguig. For P218.00 per person, you can eat all you can.

On the buffet table: (in order of appearance from the stack of plates...hehehe)
1. Bopis
2. Lechon Paksiw
3. Fried Bangus
4. Fried Tilapia
5. Binagoongang Baboy
6. Papaitan
7. Caldereta
8. Menudo
9. Beef Steak
10. Kare-kare
11. Tahong soup
12. Fried porkchop
13. Pork Sinigang
14. Beef Nilaga
15. Lumpiang Togue
16. Adobong Pusit
17. Inihaw na hito
18. Inihaw na Liempo
19. Steamed Oysters

And in the salad bar:
20. Lumpiang Ubod
21. Garden salad
22. Sliced green mangoes (with bagoong)

And we were seated at our table, we were given Kakiage Tempura and a plate of lechon. :)

Thumbs up for the: food taste and quality, serving (eat all you can nga, e!); resto cleanliness; f&b prices; service (friendly, accomodating staff).

Little problems with the layout/space. The resto was jampacked. If you plan to come on busy days like holidays, better call ahead and make a reservation. We were lucky to find a table outside, but the others weren't as lucky and had to wait a while to be seated.

My best note for the day: I love their hand-churned ice cream! Hadn't there been my weight and my waist to worry about, I would have eaten a pint! :) I settled for a cup. A big cup. :)