Feb 23, 2010


I don't know if I translate it right, but Pinakurat (a Cebuano term) translates roughly to "made more interesting."

Pinakurat is fermented coco vinegar that is really spicy. Apart from the spice, what makes things interesting are the other flavors melded in the vinegar.  It has actually a unique tang.

The label says that it's great with lechon, barbecue, etc.  For me, the etcetera was Fuji apples. Yes, Fuji apples dipped in Pinakurat when I was infanticipating with Mika. :)

The Pinakurat bottles in the pictures are gifts from our good friends Rel and Jeng, all the way from Cagayan de Oro, but I later learned that Pinakurat is now also sold in major supermarkets. 


Amy B. said...

OMGOSH! Pinakurat is so good! What's funny is that, I didnt even know about it until I was already overseas! For me, I like it with fried fish, daing or tuyo or tinapa! mmm so good. :D

edward said...

Taga Iligan ka ba? I am from CDO and I really like this Vinegar stuff. Kaya lang may kamahalan yata but it is worth.

Alisa said...

The term kurat roughly means to scare,shock (gulat). The vinegar is actually "shocked" with all the hot chili, garlic,and other spices added to it. There is a Congressman from Compostela Valley,aptly named Manuel "Way Kurat" Zamora because he is fearless :) I love pinakurat with Chicharon and Boy Bawang :)

anneski:) said...

Thanks for the info, Alisa! :)
Edward, I am not from Iligan. I got the Pinakurat as a gift.