Dec 5, 2006

Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw (Squash and String Beans in Coconut Milk)

Checking my site stats I was surprised to find out that many people have landed on my site in their search for a recipe of Ginataang Kalabasa and Sitaw. I thought nothing of it back in October, thinking that perhaps many Filipinos were simply looking for what to do with the flesh of carved pumpkins/squash used for halloween. But guess what, it's almost Christmas but "ginataang kalabasa" still figures prominently in my site's keyword activity! Strange, but true.

Anyways, I've been honored by a request from starlightjulian, who asked for an English version of the recipe I posted in August (I posted in Filipino, in commemoration of Filipino Language Month). Here it is, enjoy!

GINATAANG KALABASA AT SITAW (Squash and String Beans in Coco Milk)

What's In It?
  • 2 squash segments , washed well and cut into cubes (leave unpeeled)
  • 1 bunch string beans, cut into 2" portions
  • 1 medium sized onion, peeled and quartered
  • 1 knob ginger, peeled, sliced and pounded
  • 1 head garlic, peeled and pounded
  • 3-5 pieces chili (use less or none at all if spice is an issue!)
  • 6 to 8 cups canned/instant coco milk, or freshly squeezed from 1 large coconut, or 2 medium ones
  • 100 grams pork fat (optional)
  • dried anchovies or shrimp fry (optional)
  • salt, according to taste

Kitchen Conjugations:

Follow package directions to make instant coco milk. If using fresh coconut, pour one cup lukewarm water over coco meat and leave for 1 minute. Add about 4 cups of tap water to moisten all of the coco meat. Take a handful or two of the moist coco meat, squeeze it between your hands, catching the coco milk with a strainer over a deep bowl or the saucepan you will use for cooking.

Add in the onions, garlic and ginger and the pork fat (if using) and heat the mixture over medium fire, stirring continuously to prevent curdling. (Use left to right slow sweeping motions to introduce motion into the mixture without unnecessarily dissipating heat and allow the mixture to boil.)

When mixture boils, add in the squash and allow to boil, stirring from time to time until the squash is half-cooked. Add in string beans and chili (if using) and simmer until the beans sweat and changes color. Season with salt and sprinkle with smoke fish flakes, dried anchovies or shrimps if desired. (If you're brave enough go ahead and crush the chili on the sides of the pan and stir back into the mixture.)

Best served hot with steamed rice and crispy fried fish.


resel said...

hi there,

tanx a lot for sharing your recipe. i am a quezonian kaya i also love ginataan dishes however i didn't inherit my grandma's way of cooking that's why i ended up searching and your recipe came out. i just tried it at eto nga, ulam na namin ngayon and i am very pleased with the outcome.....LASANG LASANG PINOY.....kahit na nga canned coconut milk lang gamit ko....more power and hope to see more of your ginataan recipes....maraming salamat.

anneski:) said...

thanks for your comment, resel! glad that you liked the outcome. i have actually posted other ginataan recipes (and you might like to try them).. they're under 'ginataan' in the index of my posts (see the right bar of my home page).


Anonymous said...

hi there,
buti na lng malinaw instruction nyo yan pa naman pinapaluto sa akin ngaun ang ginataang kalabasa ngaun alam ko na kung paano lutuin.
maraming salamat po

starlightjulian said...

Hello! Just spotted this post of yours in response to my request dated in 2006... Thank you very much for the recips, and I'm so sorry it took this long for me to find your post!


starlightjulian said...

Hello! Just saw your reply to my request dated back in 2006-- sorry to have taken this long to find you'd answered it. I appreciate you taking the time to translate!