Apr 20, 2006


I'm now banned from frying anything for the rest of my life. So has my husband ordered.

Not because I burned anything I was frying... I am banned because I am now a certified putok ng mantika magnet. Each time I fry (or even saute) hot oil flies and explodes... at me. I come a few inches by a fry in progress and the oil starts sputtering like crazy. Weird.

The injuries from this freak magnetism have escalated in both frequency and magnitude in the past three months. I have just recovered from a burn on my right index finger from a month ago and then last night, managed to attract enough boiling oil to the area below my right collarbone. Hiss! The crazy oil bomb left a little crater,* now covered with Betamethasone Clioquinol cream and Band-Aid, which I hope would heal nicely enough not to leave a scar.

[Do you really want a visual? Email me.]

For now, Mike takes over close encounters with the frying kind.

*On hindsight that wouldn't have happened had last night been one of those nights I was wearing an apron.


chin said...

hi anne! what i put on burns is toothpaste. nilalagay ko agad as soon as the oil splatters on me. as in no pain and no scarring whatsoever. your burn is good as gone by the next day. eto pa pala, when i fry stuff i wipe them first with paper towels so they're dry and the oil won't splatter. then when i flip i take the pan out of the heat first to make the oil cool a bit and avoid splatters din. the joys and pains in cooking eh :D

asar said...

mare, for burns, try rubbing affected area with vinegar and salt - painful but will not bubble. For the porsteak, same ingredients, just add grated ginger and sesame seeds, teriyaki na.very creative yung bread. try alos spreading brad with rolling pin, put ham and cheese on top then roll and lock with toothpick. dip rolled bread to egg, then to breadcrumbs and fry (be ready with the vinegar and salt for burns) and whalaa... crispy french toast.