Jan 29, 2006

Gulaman Candles

Ok, so this isn't really a Kitchen Conjugation in the sense that it is not a recipe nor a restaurant review, nevertheless, it's still something I cooked up in my kitchen as well an idea you might like or find useful. This post appeared originally in my other blog, http://www.annethology.i.ph, in October 2005.

I made Gulaman Candles for Mike's birthday party last month. Candles, because I wanted something 1) functional (we had the party at our equipment yard; I could use additional lighting) and 2) 'neutral' (it's a guy's party, there'd be drinking and singing, flower centerpieces are out of the question! ;)

I wanted unique and colorful candle centerpieces, and I initially thought of immersing votives in colored water. A stroke of inspiration came from the want to have as many colors in my jars and the need for something to make the candles spill-proof, easy to make and cheap.

Gulaman (Agar) was the answer! Six jars of gulaman candles cost me about P60.00 (P26.75 for 6 votives, P20.00 for 2 packs of Mr. Gulaman, the rest for water and gas)! The jars are technically cost-less, mostly from the growing stash of reusables in my kitchen, and some given by friends and neighbors who were curious to see how my latest project would turn out. :)

The candles turned out well, as you can see (at left and above), and I managed to make 15 jars for the party.


niki said...

that's such a cool idea :)
u have a great blog!

olbjoy said...

grabe anne, you rock at being a mom! your kids are so blessed :)

chin said...

uy anne, pwede mo to i-recommend sa mga brides-to-be. uso ngayon luminaries sa weddings

anneski:) said...

Puede sana, jenn/chin, kaya lang the candles don't keep for long, they have such a short shelf life they have to be made on the day they are to be used. (Or at most the day before.) I learned this the hard way when I assembled the candles three days before. To my dismay the water seeped out of the gulaman and the layers bled their colors, di na pretty. :(

anneski:) said...

thanks, olbjoy! i hope my kids feel the same way. hehehe.

chin said...

sayang naman. what if you put more gulaman para mas matigas? ganon din kaya mangyayari? hmmm, maka experiment nga.